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Flying Ointment Spell

Flying Ointment Spell

22,00£ Ordinarie pris

Traditional hoodoo recipe for witches to anoint them selves. When applied can assist with a shift of consciousness.


What is it good for?

*Remote Viewing

*Communication with Spirit

*Shape Shifting


"The term flying denotes when a witch is astral projecting"


Disclaimer: Always proceed with caution when using this spell ointment.

This spell is handcrafted by our resident witches over a long witchy process of to ensure the herbs & oils truly fuse together!


As with all of our hand brewed spells do a skin patch test to ensure you are not allergic before you anoint your skin. If causes irratation stop using immediately!


Created with a unique blend of natural oils & witchy herbs, and of course the powerful energy of the witches of Spellbound Gloucester.


Sold Individually


Presented in a 50ml glass jar, which can by 100% reused or recycled once cleansed!


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